Facebook apologises to thisquality after removing advertising

Facebook apologises to thisquality after removing advertising

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Facebook has since apologised after removing thisquality from advertising programs on its platform after accordingly running ads that did not comply with their advertising policies or other standards.

Facebook confirmed without much description, after thisquality filed a legal request for comment, that the removal was a mistake on their end.

Facebook later apologised for the inconvenience and trouble they’d caused.

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The temporary removal was suspected to be from an admin that had created an advertisement as a text question that said: “What makes news ‘real’ for you?”. 

The idea of running that specific advertisement was to get engagement as the page on Facebook has in recent times gone from reaching 12,000+ people a week to only 3,000 – 4,000 people a week with little to no engagement.


Advertising has been reinstated for thisquality after previously being unable to boost a post.

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