Facebook removes thisquality from advertising

Facebook removes thisquality from advertising

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Facebook has removed thisquality for advertising on its platform after accordingly running ads that do not comply with their advertising policies or other standards.

The temporary removal is most likely from an admin that created an advertisement as a text question that said: “What makes news ‘real’ for you?”. 


Advertisement Advertisement - Advertise with thisquality

The advertisement idea was to get engagement as the page on Facebook has certainly been cut after reaching only a certain amount of people per post.

Previously the page was reaching 12,000+ people a week compared to recently only reaching around 3,000 – 4,000 people a week with little to no engagement. Something wasn’t right.


The other advertisement that thisquality is running was about Wellington Central Library aiming to create engagement on the topic of strengthing it or demolishing and rebuilding.


Currently, no advertisements can be disabled or deleted meaning they will still be running and reaching people, but no further advertisements can be created.

Facebook has been requested to review the advertisement account.

thisquality understands if there was any wrong-doing of using the advertisements processes and will further learn from this in future if Facebook deems thisquality in the wrong.

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