Facebook set to ban any ‘misinformation’ about Vaccines

Facebook set to ban any ‘misinformation’ about Vaccines

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Tech giant Facebook is looking to ban any Vaccine misinformation that may arise within its users’ posts.

Posts and groups that contain false claims will be shut down if they suffer repeated violations.

The announcement was made in a blog post on Monday where new community guidelines apply to ‘user-generated’ posts, including advertisements that are paid for.


The platform Instagram will accordingly see the same defect of censor regarding misinformation about mass-vaccination around the world.

“We are expanding our efforts to remove false claims on Facebook and Instagram about COVID-19, COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccines in general during the pandemic,” the company wrote.

“We will begin enforcing this policy immediately, with a particular focus on Pages, groups and accounts that violate these rules, and we’ll continue to expand our enforcement over the coming weeks. Groups, Pages and accounts on Facebook and Instagram that repeatedly share these debunked claims may be removed altogether.”

Groups with admins or members who have violated COVID-19 policies in the past will have to approve all posts within the group temporarily.

Claims about COVID-19 or Vaccines that have not violated the policies will still have to go through a review process by third-party-fact-checkers.

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Hurry get your vaccine and lets get rid of you useless eaters.

Facebook is owned by the same people that are running the Covid19 scam Zuacaberg is just a front man & by the way a grand child of the J D Rockerfella. Depopulation is their goal.