Farmers ‘disappointed’ with James Shaw

Farmers ‘disappointed’ with James Shaw

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50 Shades of Green are ‘disappointed’ with James Shaw retaining his climate change portfolio.

“While we have nothing against Mr Shaw personally, we believe the portfolio needs a fresh perspective,” 50 Shades of Green chair Any Scott said.

“We can’t keep doing what we’re doing and planting good farmland in trees while we extol the virtue of protecting and increasing our biodiversity.”

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Any Scott says that the feel-good factor will achieve nothing positive and New Zealanders will continue to pollute, and the climate will continue to get warmer every year.

“Our export receipts from our world is producing farmers at risk. The very receipts that have kept the country going during the Covid19 pandemic,” says Any Scott.

A legacy that no New Zealander will be proud of is if we continue to cover the landscape with a ‘monoculture’ exotic.

“Labour has a strong mandate to do it once and get it right. I’d prefer that approach to more of the same old from the past,” says Andy Scott.

The 50 Shades of Green movement is saying that the New Zealand government must save farms for food and not wall to wall wood.

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