Fire at a House in Levin, Everyone is Safe

Fire at a House in Levin, Everyone is Safe

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At around 9:35 am – 9:55 am, a house fire had broken out in Levin covering the entire rooftop with smoke that could be seen across the sky of Levin.

A fire brigade spokesman said they’d been called out to a house that had caught up in flames and smoke. As the fire brigade spokesman arrived on scene with their colleagues, they all seen that everyone was outside of the house safe, and no one else was inside.

The two fire crews from Levin were on the scene; they had taken Breathing Apparatus with them as they attempted to take out the primary fire. After 10 minutes, the fire was put out, the central part of the house had been saved, but the loss of a sleep out at the rear end of the house had unfortunately not been saved.

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The cause of the fire is unknown and is pending investigation.

Due to the privacy of the house residents, there will be no showing of the house aftermath or stating the street location/address.

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