Fishers reminded to download Fishing Rules App, Fisheries NZ says

Fishers reminded to download Fishing Rules App, Fisheries NZ says

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Fisheries New Zealand is starting a brand new campaign for this upcoming summer, to encourage fishers in following the rules in the area.

National Manager Fisheries Compliance, Garreth Jay says his team is expecting a large influx of people going fishing over the next few months.

“it’s important everyone does their part to protect the fishery,” Mr Jay says.

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“We’re very lucky in New Zealand – none of us are too far away from the coast and the opportunity to go out into nature and catch some kaimoana.”

To get the latest up-to-date information on fishery rules, fishers must download the NZ Fishing Rules App before they can go out fishing.

The app gives importing information about catching limited, fishing methods, and specific restrictions in certain places.

TV, Social Media Advertisements and Radio campaigns will be launched to promote the message this summer. “We’ll also be going where the fishers go, so you’ll see our ads at wharves, fish and chip shops, and where you get your weather information,” Mr Jay says.


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