Fishy Helicopter flight path and data raises questions over 1080 drops

Fishy Helicopter flight path and data raises questions over 1080 drops

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Fishy Helicopter flight data revealed to thisquality raises questions over Aerial 1080 drops behind locals’ backs.

Flight Radar which is a data tracking website for flight data; revealed aircraft type B429 flying close to a private airfield near Linton, Palmerston North.

The track looked like a dysfunctional number eight wire scribble.

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Source: CC/ SUPPLiED

The flight started at the private airfield at around 2:49 pm.

The Helicopter seemed to fly around in a circle numerous times, going at the speed of roughly 5-10 knots, before landing at around 4:33 pm.

Source: CC/ SUPPLiED

After landing, roughly 7 minutes later, the helicopter was seen at the Palmerston North Airport with its flight track data coming from the private airfield, but the circle was no longer available which means the Helicopter would have shut off for a moment and reset its track data.

Source: CC/ SUPPLiED

When thisquality attempted to look at the history of the flight, it was replaced with an aircraft which wasn’t relevant to New Zealand.

This article was written to warn the Department of Conservation and OSPRI, not to repeat history after local iwi confirmed to thisquality that they did not consent to an upcoming Tararua Ranges Aerial 1080 poison drop.

Source: CC/ SUPPLiED

The data of the flight was not available and was untrackable after the Helicopter landed at Palmerston North Airport.

Image: SUPPLIED/Flight Radar

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