Flight Attendant tests positive for COVID-19, visited an Auckland Supermarket

Flight Attendant tests positive for COVID-19, visited an Auckland Supermarket

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The Ministry of Health confirmed to thisquality that a border-related case of COVID-19 was identified today. The identification was part of routine surveillance testing and is an aircrew member.

Details of the new case revealed that this individual returned to New Zealand from Japan on February 28, where a negative test result was returned. Subsequently, they later returned a positive test result today following the swab that was taken yesterday.

This person was moved to Auckland’s quarantine facility. As the only location of interest, the case visited Auckland Airport’s Countdown Supermarket on March 3 between the time of 12:07 pm and 1:22 pm.

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During the times above, people who were at this store are being asked to monitor their health over the next 10 days. If symptoms develop, they should contact Healthline on 0800 358 5454 and get a test and stay at home until they return a negative result.

Testing will be available at six community testing centres throughout Auckland, including at local general practices and urgent care clinics.

Getting a test can be done at a community testing centre in Otara (South Auckland) or Wiri (West Auckland).

Three household members of the individual were tested today, and the results were all negative.

Fourteen aircrew members who were on the same flight as the new case were being contacted and told to isolate and get retested.

The new case was a frequent user of the NZ COVID Tracer App, which means it is an aid to public health staff that will identify potential exposure events, including assessing any risks from their activities.

There is a low risk to the public as Level 3 was in place at the time when this case returned to New Zealand. They were in isolation or at home for that duration of time.

Genomic sequencing results are expected to return on Tuesday and will help determine any local trsnmissions.

An update will be provided tomorrow on any new developments.


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