Free WiFi in Stratford’s CBD for all thanks to Primo

Free WiFi in Stratford’s CBD for all thanks to Primo

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Downtown Stratford is getting a WiFi upgrade at no cost to you, it will be entirely free to use.

The District Council for Stratform is pleased to be announcing this, in partnership with internet provider primo.

The free WiFi can be used along downtown, Broadway in Stratford between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

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The Council and Primo will be launching the initiative at this month’s Prospero Markets on October 31, only if COVID-19 doesn’t prevent it from happening.

“People are encouraged to come down between 9 am and 12noon to connect with the team and the internet!,” said Stratford District Council.

Director Community Services, Kate Whareaitu says, “Providing WiFi along Broadway was a key project identified as part of Stratford 2035 and Council’s Digital Enablement Plan, so it’s great to see this come to life.”

“It provides greater digital connectivity for residents and visitors, and has the potential to enable economic growth opportunities,” she says. “We want to grow a vibrant and creative community that embraces opportunities presented by technology and this will go a long way in helping foster that vision.” ‘

Matthew Harrison who is the ‘Top Dog’ at Primo says that the opportunity to work with the Council on introducing free WiFi in the CBD is about ‘connecting Taranaki’ — “it is no secret we are out to close the digital divide in our community by offering a growing number of free WiFi hotspots, including at our hospitals, rural halls, sports grounds and townships.

“We recognise that there are families and visitors to Taranaki who do not have reliable internet access, and we’re always keen on doing our small part to keep everyone connected!,” Mr Harrison concluded.


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