Fruit and Vege Gardens destroyed by ‘destructive’ weather event, Motueka

Fruit and Vege Gardens destroyed by ‘destructive’ weather event, Motueka

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Victoria Gardens made a statement on social media that a ‘destructive’ weather event destroyed their fruit and vege enclosures. 

The images posted show the devastating damage when a twister hit their property after hail downed the area. For thirty seconds a tornado landed causing the most damage.

The property owners took cover inside of a shipping container. “The noise was terrible and the wind,” read the statement.


Source: CC/ Victoria Gardens Fruit & Vege

Half of the roof of a glass house lost its middle support posts, causing the roof to collapse.

Middle pillars supporting the inside of a wooden glasshouse perversely ousted. 

“Debris from this is all over our property and our neighbours, some neighbours watched the debris go up and ran for cover as glass rained down,” read the statement.

Source: CC/ Victoria Gardens Fruit & Vege

Three 25-meter by 5-meter tunnel houses were found broken. Damage caused by the bad weather will effectively take long-lasting efforts to repair.

Comments on the post offered their apologies over the overwhelming damage caused by the natural phenomenon. Wishing the property owners the best of luck cleaning up and even offering help or compensation for the repairs.

Images: Victoria Gardens Fruit & Vege

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