General Election 2020: Michael Kay thanks his supporters for voting

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The General Election 2020 is almost over with loads of Kiwi’s eager to know the results for tomorrow nights final polling results.

Michael Kay describes his election campaign for the Otaki Electorate so far by thanking his supporters, talking about ATTICA’s policies and what needs to change regardless of if he gets in or doesn’t. 

“Thank you for anybody that voted for us,” said Mr Kay.

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Voters have one more day until the polls close for the results and Michael Kay says it’d be awesome if they can get their vote in before the end of tomorrow and it’d be ‘awesome’.

The team behind ATTICA have worked tirelessly within the last six months creating the brand new unregistered political project in hopes to bring a change to the central government, environment and social issues that are present.

“Speaking to people has been the absolute best and that’s something we are going to carry on doing and hopefully advocate for a few things that are really quite serious for us going forward,” said Mr Kay.

“We want to start opening up a door to the fur industry and absolutely managing and participating in our conservation estate as people.”

With the help of thisquality and CEO Sam Hudson; a huge thanks were given for the hard work put into getting ATTICA known in the public domain.

From nothing to something where mainstream media gained attention because of the Search Engine Optimisation that thisquality offers; when searching Michael Kay Otaki most articles are made by thisquality on the first page of search results.

Other factors that ATTICA have been able to achieve was getting their very own Wikipedia page, bring more light to the show allowing the political project to grow faster knowing they’re there.

The group also achieved getting approved with the Electoral Commission.

“This has probably been the most uneventful elections ever in New Zealand’s history and we are so devoid of any policy or anything like that apart from smaller parties,” said Mr Kay.

“We had a policy there. For those of you who read it, maybe you voted for me on that and that’s something that we are going to try to carry through the next election. This is a peoples project, this is a real peoples party.”

“Thank you, everybody. Thank you for watching our content and making our content possible by sharing it,” concluded Michael Kay.

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