General Election 2020: Michael Kay’s First interview after results announced

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ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay says that the electorate candidates all had a ‘good attitude’ by working together.

On the interview hosted by Sam Somers from It’s In The Ballot Michael talks about the caution to take if someone gets in winning the vote for the electorate seat, also describing what it was like to learn from the election for the next one to come.

The disappointing aspect of the 2020 General Elections haul was COVID-19 and the lack of events which reduced the advantage for many to campaign appropriately within the limited timeframe.

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“We tried to get as much as we could out to the electorate. Otherwise, there weren’t any events, to be honest, there were only those traditional grey power ones,” said Mr Kay.

“To be honest, we all have our speciality. Even in the minor parties. I think the thing that we have to learn going forward is to get that special character of the small parties going out there so that people get more of a texture of what we are all about.”

Michael expresses his worry for those in the majority parties doesn’t win the electorate seat, will walk out instead of continuing.

“I’m worried that whoever doesn’t get in is just going to walk away,” said Mr Kay.

“It’s really important that the opposition side of the house is so important and if it’s inactive, it’s one of the worst times.”

Reflecting on the election road trip for Michael, he says it was a huge learning experience for ATTICA and himself standing for the Otaki electorate seat.

“I guess we didn’t throw bricks at anybody and we really wanted to use this election to learn how we could do this best at the next election because otherwise what are we going to do to try and get the changes that we specifically need,” said Mr Kay.

“I think we’ve had MMP for a while. We’ve never really made it work.”

“It’s meant to create more diversity in the house and it’\s meant to be a battle of ideas and not a battle of popularity.”

Michael, looking at the polling results, says that it’s a 100/1 of interest in minor parties at this point. “it is a shame and a party vote is the same thing. People voted two ticks mainly by the look of it. It’s very much looking like reverting to a first past-post election,” he said.

The Spinoff and the Dominion post had ‘early contact’ with the ATTICA election campaign, but it went dry according to Michael Kay, he says that “you just don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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“It’s been hard with Facebook for your show, even if you are going to advertise your show. We couldn’t even put $20 in to boost a show.”

“It’s not about ripping anybody off, but it’s like the notice board of our lives. It’s the town square notice board and if we can’t project that out for people to check that out and to make people aware.”

Mr Kay says that Facebook was one of the tools that himself and ATTICA thought they could use as a tool to get their content out like a ‘notice board’ to the community but they didn’t use it as much within the last month to election day.

ATTICA will be working out a way to get around the system and learn it so they can alert more people in the coming three years about what they are getting up to — “that’s not going away, that’s permanent,” said Michael Kay.

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