GIMS Cars and Coffee meetup planned by Good2Go Media

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A level 2 lockdown car enthusiast meet up is planned to happen on Sunday 16 August. Hosted and planned by GIMS (Girls In Motorsport), Good2Go Media. The location of the event is being held at the Otaihanga Domain in Paraparaumu at 11 am.

Stylish cars, fast cars, luxury cars and much more will be attending the show, so you can get to know what their engines look and sound like.

The Facebook event excerpt — ‘time to get this back up and running post-COVID!! I know we are all hanging out for events and meetups.’

Source: Lindale GIMS Past Event

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Since the COVID-19 lockdown levels, two was announced for the rest of New Zealand while Auckland being level three. Precautions and social distancing are strongly advised by the organisers to keep everyone safe.

“Social distances must be maintained, and face coverings are welcomed 😷☺️ — some may not agree with this decision but will remind you that bars and restaurants and shopping malls are also still operational. Please feel free to come along 😎☺️,” said GIMS in a statement.

Organisers have made it clear, that under no circumstances is there to be skids or revving at the meetup area.

“The park we are using is right next door to houses and in the past have never been happy about boy racers being there. But other than that, looking forward to seeing everyone and their clean rides tomorrow. It looks like we have a good mix of vehicles turning up,” said GIMS in a statement.

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