Givealittle started to help Levin family after fire destroys their home

Givealittle started to help Levin family after fire destroys their home

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A Givealittle fundraiser has started to help a ‘loving family’ recover after a fire took their home in Kinross St in Levin on Friday (Sept 11) during the afternoon.

“A fire tore through my families home destroying everything on site. Leaving four children and two adults without a home.”

The fire started at around 3:15 pm. The family, who live in the house, were not home at the time of the fire.  No one was injured from the fire.

The fundraiser, which has raised $2,725 so far will go towards the family to rebuild what they have lost.

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“Any donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated to go towards rebuilding what has been lost.”

The house was occupied for the last 40 years by the family. 

“Without fail the front door would be wide open by the crack of dawn welcoming anyone and everyone in who wanted to visit. Although it is now lost, will forever be remembered as the safe haven for many people.”

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Friends of the family that live close by alerted them of the fire by phone call, after seeing the smoke.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene shortly after numerous calls were sent into the Wellington communication centre about a fire at the address.

An NZ Fire spokesman said that there was no one involved in the fire, “we turned up, and no one else was involved while we arrived. There were no occupants in the house, everybody was out at the time.”

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The exact cause of the fire is undetermined at this time and is under investigation by Police.

If you would like to donate, you can click here to help the family recover.

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