Gladstone Road East of Levin closed due to slip, Horowhenua

Gladstone Road East of Levin closed due to slip, Horowhenua

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Gladstone Road East of Levin will be closed for some time due to a slip causing a significant blockage.

The road was expected to be reopened by 4pm on Tuesday, but the slip continued to fall and created more blockage.

Contractors were not able to clear the road in time and it has prompted further delay.


Source: CC/ Horowhenua District Council

Horowhenua District Council said in a statement that closure would remain overnight.

Contractors will resume in the morning to clear the slippage so the road can potentially reopen to the public.

Landslides on the road are a common occurrence leaving access to homes limited when they do occur. They have been happening since the year 2012.

Clearing the mess of slips ever since 2017 has cost the Council and New Zealand Transport Agency (Wakakotahi) around $220k.

The Council purchased a 29.5-hectare block of land to be used for a realignment, but it comes at an estimated project cost between $2.5m and $4m.

Plans are underway to consider realigning a 1.2 kilometre stretch of road to the opposite side of the Omahu Stream to include two single-lane bridges, eliminating current risks in the existing section for the future.

Image: SUPPLIED/Horowhenua District Council

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