Google continues to censor thisquality over Advertisement Limitations

Google continues to censor thisquality over Advertisement Limitations

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Google continues to censor thisquality over advertisement limitations where they have been disabled due to ‘policy violations’ under its Policy center.

The company’s outstanding account issue is an ‘Ad serving limit’ — the limitations mean a specific number of ads will only show, however, rarely any advertisements show on the platform.

In a statement from the Policy center, it reads: “Ad serving on your account is currently being limited due to invalid traffic concerns. We’ll automatically review and update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic. Learn more about ad serving limits.”


thisquality received a large influx of traffic when an article was published about the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, who invoked the Impoundment Control Act 1974. The publication was shared over 3,600 times on our platform while it was also shared on Facebook more than a thousand times. It lead to receiving over 45,000 page views in one day.

Large accounts who advocate Trump and share news about him happened to reshare our article. One account had over 215,000 followers at the time of sharing, reaching thousands of people.


New policies were implemented disallowing traffic coming from sources like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, which generate many clicks on website advertisements hosted on websites like thisquality.

On Google’s AdSense support page, it states: “Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest, and any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our Program policies. If we observe high levels of invalid traffic on your account, we may suspend or disable the account to protect our advertisers and users.”

“Additionally, if we are unable to verify the quality of your traffic, we may limit or disable your ad serving. Due to invalid clicks, you may also see a difference between your estimated and finalized earnings.

thisquality received hundreds of clicks on advertisement boxes, which we have never attempted to click. All staff working for our company require either AdBlocker or to enable an option in their profile in the backend to disable advertisement placements and it cannot be undone once it is enabled.

In terms of traffic quality thisquality understands that our traffic comes from reliable sources and that it was not our fault had we known what we allegedly have done wrong.

The ad limitations have been placed since December 16 of 2020 over invalid traffic concerns. The results typically get resolved within 30d; however, it may take longer in some cases, according to Google AdSense.


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