Google Street View bug blurs carved faces at Raukawa Marae

Google Street View bug blurs carved faces at Raukawa Marae

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A tweet posted earlier this year by Twitter user Kyle McDonald (a media artist) shows carved faces being blurred at Raukawa Marae.

The tweet was posted on Feb 11.



The image on the tweet was snapshotted from the Jun 2015 Google Street View but was posted to Twitter in 2020.

“Amazing.. google street view blurs out the carved faces,” said Kyle.

Source: Google Maps- 2019 Version

However, on Google’s 2019 version of the map, there is no blur on any of the carved faces at the Marae.

Google has been contacted for comment to find out why the faces being blurred might of been a development bug. Raukawa Marae has also been contacted for comment.

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