Grant Errol: R33 GTR Dream Car ‘WARSHIP’ taken without a trace

Grant Errol: R33 GTR Dream Car ‘WARSHIP’ taken without a trace


OPINION: On March 9th, 2020, Grant Errol’s R33 GTR Dream car had taken between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, in the Horowhenua district. It was predicted the car wouldn’t get far due to the gas tank not having much left; also fears that the criminal could fuel up the car with the wrong type completely destroying the vehicle.

At around 6:43 pm that same day, it was said to be seen going towards Bulls from Palmerston North than at 7:51 pm the car was seen in Fielding area. At around 9:23 pm, Grant Errol expresses his feelings for his car, being the only thing that has kept him going to get a step closer to his dream.

“Going to pour my heart out in the Hope’s whoever has my car sees this and understands what I went through to get it, and has enough of a heart to bring it back.” said Grant Errol.

At the moment, Grant Errol has had inside information shared to his public Facebook page, telling commenters to share the posts in hopes of finding the car.

The car had been re-sprayed by the thief in an attempt to make it harder for Grant & public to find the car, the number plate looked completely fake spelling “GTR-33;” no numberplate in New Zealand has a dash or bold letters.

The other little giveaway was the window wipers having chipped paint & the exhaust having a small emblem that we’re unable to confirm what it says.

Previous images before the car had been taken.

Grant mentions that his R33 GTR helped him when his mental state wasn’t the best at times,

“When I was a teenager/the early 20s, I got myself in major shit with drugs and debt, ended up bankrupt when the financial crisis hit. I’d lost my job and spent four years in and out of work. Following that I had some severe mental health issues and nearly took my own life, I was lucky to have the right people around me and started building my life back up and putting my mind back together.”

“With my history, I was incredibly lucky that this employer took me on (I am still with them as my second job now). I worked my ass off and moved jobs to Levin but retained a casual position there. All this time, I was working hard to build up my credit rating. Fast forward to 5 years ago, and I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to live my dream, and I bought one, almost paid off now, but I’ll never be able to replace it.”

“So, after nearly 17 years of shit, I was so close, and you took my dream away from me.”

“I work two jobs, from 12-20 hours a day sometimes to get myself here, no handouts nothing from my parents (except for their love and support which is invaluable) I sacrificed valuable time with my dogs, my family, my friends. All to get me here and whoever you are, you took it away!”

“I did this on my own, and it took over a decade, please bring my car and stuff back, please! Please. I can’t afford to replace it.” said Grant Errol on a

Facebook post

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If you are willing to help Grant Errol out, to reunite with his car that he’s spent his life saving on; consider following his Facebook page where he will be live updating people on the status.

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