Greens announce new $297m fund for sustainable food and farming

Greens announce new $297m fund for sustainable food and farming

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The Greens Party announced a ‘Farming for the Future Plan’ which includes a fund to support farmers and growers, creating more climate-friendly practices. The plan was revealed early Saturday morning (Sept 12).

“As we recover from COVID-19, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the way we grow and produce food. By making smart decisions now, we can create a farming sector that is good for farmers, people and the planet,” says Greens Party Co-Leader James Shaw

This plan will improve how the land and water will be looked after, especially with levy uses for the use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers. There will be stronger limits with Freshwater Management reducing nitrogen pollution in New Zealand rivers, lakes and waters. 


“Our vision recognises the environmental impacts of our reliance on harmful artificial fertilisers and imported supplementary feed, and incentivises people to move away from using these products and practises,” says Greens Party Co-Leader James Shaw

Farmers and growers will get direct support to sustainable, regenerative practices, with support funds of up to $297,000,000 for the industry. Working with Tangata Whenua and within a te Tiriti o Waitangi, according to the Greens Party will structure to build a resource rental on commercial use of water.

The Greens Party are looking to ban the import and use of PKE (Palm Kernel Expeller), which is a by-product of palm oil extraction processes from the fruit of the palm. 

The use of the land is ‘diverse and sustainable’, the Greens Party wants to change rules around forestry and enforce stricter land rules to protect the soils of high quality and protect farmland.

Another push for ‘buying locally’ was also encouraged in the plan, allowing New Zealanders to buy kiwi-made products, certification and labelling will be regulatory for sustainably-grown and organic products. Labelling for country-of-origin will also be another part of New Zealand made products.

“We will overhaul how we label our food so farmers can get a premium for producing healthy, sustainable food. With clear new rules, all of us will be able to see when our food has been sustainably produced and make the best choices for our families whether we buy at farmers’ markets or supermarkets,” says Greens Party Co-Leader James Shaw

Buying local and promoting ‘localism’ as it’s so-called according to the Greens Party, for food gardens that are in urban areas and community agriculture.

The Greens Party Co-Leader James Shaw talked about the plan today:

“Farming is at the frontline of the climate crisis, and any credible climate action must support people in the sector to transition to more sustainable practices. Successive governments have encouraged intensive Farming and prioritised profit over the environment and climate.”

“This quantity-over-quality approach has degraded our rivers and waterways, harmed animals, and is warming the climate.”

“Our Farming for the Future Plan supports farmers to be part of the solution to the climate crisis, by offering grants, loans, and other resources to support the transition to low-emissions farming.”

“This is a bold, transformation plan to ensure a just transition away from intensive farming, which will help us meet our obligations under the Zero Carbon Act and ensure our grandchildren have a planet to live on.”


“If we think ahead and act now, New Zealand can have a thriving, sustainable, regenerative farming sector which ensures we all have what we need and are protecting our precious environment.”

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