Hamilton Zoo welcomes newborn baby Chimp into the world

Hamilton Zoo welcomes newborn baby Chimp into the world

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A newborn baby chip has arrived at Hamilton Zoo. The arrival was just 24 hours after their first sight of a new outdoor enclosure.

Last night, Mum Sanda delivered the baby. Zoo Director Dr Baird Fleming said the Zoo Team was really thrilled hearing about the new arrival.

“We were so over the moon yesterday with how wonderfully well the chimpanzees reacted to their new space, and today we’re celebrating a birth,” said Dr Fleming.

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Sandra, the mother, was feeling so happy according to Mr Fleeming, that she felt safe in her new surroundings and delivered her baby.

Hamilton Zoo does not have the chimps on display while outdoor enclosures got upgrades, and that has been since February.

Visitors will be able to see the chimps again soon, but for now, the priority was to give the troops time to get used to the new space.

It will be announced when the Zoo opens the chimp enclosure paths and viewing areas to the public.

The number of current chimps at Hamilton Zoo is now seven after the newborn arrived.

Image: SUPPLIED/Hamilton City Council

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