Holiday Park owners are hoping for business growth this Summer

Holiday Park owners are hoping for business growth this Summer

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Holiday Park owners are hoping guests can support local businesses by trying out something new this summer.

“A lot of businesses will be relying on New Zealanders’ support over the next few months,” says Holiday Parks New Zealand CE Fergus Brown.

“As we approach our first year without international visitors—and with no certainty around when the borders will open—Kiwis’ support this summer will be made or break for many, especially small businesses.”

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Holiday park visitors are in hopes able to take advantage of the ‘quieter-than-usual summer season’ due to less international travellers due to COVID-19 limitations.

“Whether it’s a cruise in the Bay of Islands, a visit to a local museum or a trip to Hobbiton, it’s a win-win for holiday park guests who will be getting a new experience knowing their holiday spending is helping to save jobs.”

It is advised that booking ahead guarantees those businesses giving better support to help struggling staff due to the lack of international visitors.

New Zealanders often travel during the weekends and school holidays which makes it difficult to retain new staff members thought a quieter period.

“By pre-booking paid activities and attractions, visitors will be adding considerable value to local communities and keeping locals employed.”

During January of each year, holiday parks account for more guest nights than any commercial accommodation provider.

During the start of 2020, more than 1.7m guest nights were booked. Approximately 1.3m guest nights were New Zealand residents.


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