Horowhenua Grey Power calling for Banks to respect the elderly

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In the past, checks were eradicated from banking in New Zealand and select few who used the checking system at their local banks had no time to lose and exchange it.

Terry Hemingson, a speaker at a recent Grey Power event in Levin had his say on the Banks in regards to the new systems in place because of COVID-19 restrictions.

 “The banks are saying, you have to do it electronically. The Peoples Bank, Kiwi Bank; which is controlled by Grant Robertson and others are saying you can’t write a check anymore.”


Horowhenua Grey Power has called for all New Zealand Banks and local Banks to respect the elderly having trouble withdrawing and depositing money at their local banks after some in the audience were experiencing the cahsier register staff telling elderly to use the ATM instead of coming in due to COVID-19 — this is a complete joke, and the whole system has no respect for local elderly.

“We are not saying stop the change, we are saying slow the change so that we can come on board,” says Hemmingson.

He asks candidates of the electorate for Otaki to go back to their parties and acknowledge that there is a ‘whole bunch of oldies’ that aren’t very happy with what is happening, coming to the conclusion of questioning what the candidates will do about it.

If an elderly were to use an ATM they risk being robbed by someone and that just isn’t right at all to be told to use an ATM instead of talking to the cash register. It brings a question of a cashless society over one who is an elderly and has to struggle to simply withdraw and deposit money.

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