How racist Lee Williams was suspended from company that employs him – video

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Racist Lee Williams is a known white supremacist who makes up false realities, including racist comments toward Māori people. This video shows how his racist comments online led to a suspension at a company that employed him.

Over time, Mr Williams posted several videos online to his channel on YouTube, Cross the Rubicon, with over 15,000 subscribers, inciting violence and harm to New Zealand’s democracy and society.

The company that employs him, Synlait, received calls for the white supremacist to be sacked.



In a video posted to his channel, he claimed that Hamilton people voted for an ‘unelected’ Māori Wards for the city Council.

Mr Williams is not of New Zealand origin and is an immigrant to the country from the United Kingdom.

As part of Māori Wards comments, the Māori Party Co-leader, Rawiri Waititi, and Development Minister Willie Jackson were both pulled into the mix of racist comments.


Claims were made that he is ‘not racist’ but then says Māori politicians are above gang members as separatists.

Mocking Co-leader Waititi shows the true colours of his racism and what he thinks about New Zealand’s culture, history and heritage.


A petition was launched calling for Synlait, who employs Mr Williams, to sack him after making the racist comments online.

The petition gained around 6,000 signatures for his posting of extreme white supremacist type content.

Source: CC/ YouTube

He was later suspended on a pending investigation after many people raised their concerns online to Synlait.



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Last edited 21 days ago by Mel Himiona

This free speech stuff has limits, and racism such as that espoused by Williams has consequences.

Everything Lee Williams says seems to be measured and sensible. People need to start thinking for themselves.

How so

Tahu, I responded to your query early this morning but it never got published. I’m not sure if there was a technical glitch or I said something I shouldn’t! I’ll see if it comes through later and, if not, I may try again.