Human Rights Commission welcomes calls for change of Organa Tamariki

Human Rights Commission welcomes calls for change of Organa Tamariki

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The Human Rights Commission has welcomed calls for a change of Oranga Tamariki’s child uplift system and other aspects of different systems.

The Commission says they support the ‘by Māori for Māori’ approach recommended in the second Kuku o te Manawa report, which was released by the Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft.

The report combines the right of whānau to allow safe care of pēpi Māori, and it calls for the government to share its resources and decision-making powers with Māori to ensure this can happen.

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Achieving not just on success for Māori, it is a human right which has been affirmed in the UNDRIP. A right to self-determination that reinforces a guarantee of te tino rangatiratanga under te Tiriti.

“Te Kuku o te Manawa is the latest of several reports to say that we must stop tinkering around the edges with systemic problems,” says Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon.

“This transformative approach is needed by the government for a host of issues affecting Tangata Whenua – injustice, health, education and so forth.”

The report highlights the inequalities that affect Māori origin and the intergenerational harms that have been done and happened in the past to Māori children and whānau.

A strong endorsement from the Commission on the recommendations that were made by the office of the Children’s Commissioner, supporting any initiative to eliminate racism.

“We acknowledge the urgent nature of the issues at hand and encourage the government to respond to the recommendations in a positive and expedient manner.”

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