Industrial pollution in the Manawatu River Loop needs attention

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Michael Feyen uploaded to social media expressing his concerns about the Purcell street drain in Foxton near the Manawatu River Loop.

It’s pollution is not being monitored or fixed up by the Horizons regional council; instead, the council has slacked too much to do more work on the Manawatu River Loop in regards to tough restrictions & cleaning- this is causing much more bad than good for the environment as the days and years go by.

“I thought I’d have a look at the Purcell street drain. This leads straight into the Manawatu River Loop here in Te Awaho Foxton,”


“This is just… absolutely disturbing,” said Michael Feyen.

This problem hurts the people, animals & businesses around the area in Foxton.

Businesses & people have said they’d occasionally experience a strong smell coming from the nearby river making the town less inviting for development & being the most vibrant asset to the people of Foxton and the health of the environment.

“This is really bad. It’s black as, and I do know that this isn’t one that is checked by Horizons,”

Michael started filming a little over ten years ago about the environment in Foxton.

“Nothing has changed, just nothing,” said Michael Feyen.

Industrial pollution has been a big problem for the Manawatu River Loop, this is bad for the environment and hasn’t had enough attention.

From windfarms to construction, it all builds up in the Manawatu River Loop causing no flow at all.

“I gave up a good part of my life to be in there politically to try and make some change but the power is at be. They didn’t do anything about it even then,” said Michael Feyen.

Horizons Regional Council is slacking in terms of fixing the problem. People are paying rates, but for that expense from the residents- nothing is still getting resolved for the last 10 years.

Michael Feyen shows the outlet for the Purcell street drain, “which it’s a freaking disgrace.”

The council has said they’d fix the problem numerous times over the years by claiming to hire people to do a fix-up on the loop.


“We’re still stuck with this. This could be our most vibrant asset, and, to get health back in here we need to give health back to the people, health back to the Whenua,”

“I think Foxton community board and the HDC should be getting off their A’s and start getting very vocal about this.”

“No good just taking pictures all the time and nothing is done. Need some strong backing to fix this because this is just a woeful, woeful situation,” said Michael Feyen.

Since the Coronavirus has been a big problem lately, the council better not blame that for the lack of fixing the problem.

If the council does not act, we will spread more awareness and make more news stories about this until something is done, and that is a warning to the Horizons Regional Council.

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