Instagram claims Donald J. Trump is now the ‘Projected Winner’ of U.S. Elections

Instagram claims Donald J. Trump is now the ‘Projected Winner’ of U.S. Elections

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Instagram claims in its Election tags that Donald J. Trump is now the ‘Projected Winner’ of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election with sources linking to Reuters, NEP and Edison.

On the Team Trump Instagram profile, upon viewing a flagged video by the company, it reads: “Donald Trump is the projected winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election.”

The tag first changed from Electoral College Certified Candidate Joe Biden to Donald J. Trump during midday New Zealand time on January 8.


thisquality understands it may be a typo mistake on the backend of Instagram systems.

Source: CC/ Instagram

The Election tag can be seen on mobile devices. When a user clicks the Election tag, it shows Joe Biden is still the Certified Presidential Winner.

The alleged typo claiming Donald J. Trump is now the projected winner could be displayed for a number of reasons that have yet been explained by Instagram.

Earlier Instagram forgot to remove Trump’s video telling protestors to go home after storming the Capitol Building which temporarily paused the Electoral College vote to certify Joe Biden as the next President.

Tech giants Facebook, Twitter, however, removed Trump’s video shortly after it was uploaded. Big tech allegedly removed Trump’s video because if he tells people to go home and stop protesting, he could of the invoked the Insurrection Act’s powers.

The act reads: “Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 U.S.C. 254 requires the President first to publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.”

After this publication was made public, minutes later, Instagram removed the Election tags showing Donald J. Trump as the ‘Projected Winner’.


Twitter users reported seeing the Election tag.



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