International students to return to New Zealand for study

International students to return to New Zealand for study

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The Government has announced that a limited number of international students will soon be returning to New Zealand to continue their studies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universities New Zealand (UNZ) Chief Executive Chris Whelan announced that this would be happening as soon as possible, “We look forward to extending this as soon as possible to all our international students who remain overseas.”

“Prioritising PhD and Masters students who are already committed to studying in New Zealand is a sensible first step to bringing our international students back,” says Whelan.

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Select students that are permitted to return for their studies in New Zealand will be those with practical components to their degrees, meaning they must be in the country to complete. 

The students will be required to go through the MIQ processes before going to university to finalise their study.

“We commend the Government for recognising the contribution these students make to New Zealand and the vital part they play in the university communities they are part of,” concluded Whelan.


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