Investigation: Trevor Mallard pulls down opposing sign, releasing December 26

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Learn how Parliaments Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard pulled down a sign that opposed the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020.

An exclusive thisquality ORIGINALS investigation releases on December 26 showing how Trevor Mallard achieved his goal that taxpayers unknowingly paid, for him to do it.

The documentary investigation starts as a typical protest opposing the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020. Activists grew anger over losing freedoms when the bill passed that allowed police officers to enter anyone home without a warrant.

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Media attended the protest, yet those who did attend did not release any story or publication except for one outlet named Māori Television. Later they left, leaving only thisquality to film the rest of what was about to play out before everyone’s eyes.

It was time for Trevor Mallard to strike after the media left the scene. The plan was to encourage an affair with the group and spark more anger. It was known beforehand during the leadup that many alleged undercover Journalists or spies attended to safeguard the Speaker and coordinate what was planned.

Throughout the small protest event of around 30 people, a Police officer was on-call for any instances of violence if it were to play out when Trevor Mallard would remove the signs. However, all the protestors wanted was for him to address the crowd and be a ‘people person’ that tax-payers pay for… it did not happen.

A reminder that placing signs on Parliament Grounds is prohibited. Trevor Mallard had all rights to remove the sign at his own will.

You can watch the full investigation documentary over at


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