Jacinda Ardern announces new “Alert System” to help fight COVID-19

Jacinda Ardern announces new “Alert System” to help fight COVID-19

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Jacinda Ardern announces new “Alert System” at the Bee Hive.


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On Saturday at 12:00 pm Jacinda Ardern had an announcement to make to the public amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns on how to fight & tackle the virus from spreading even more to others that could be at risk.

Ardern announced a new “alert system” to help combat the spreading of COVID-19. The alert system is currently at a level 2, which means people living all over New Zealand are to limit movement, meaning not to travel far and keep a distance from other places.

Stage one is where Covid-19 is here but contained. 

Stage two is where Covid-19 is contained, but the risks are growing as more cases arise. Unnecessary travel should be contained, and more travel restrictions are put in place.

Stage three is where Covid-19 is “increasingly difficult to contain,” the Prime Minister added. Public venues and nonessential businesses will be closed.


Stage four is in place at sustained levels of transmission. Contact between people is eliminated altogether; the public urged to stay at hoke. Essential services will remain in place.

Supermarkets and access to pharmaceuticals will be in place at every stage, with the Prime Minister insisting people shop usually.

About schools, Ardern mentioned that school would only close down if there is a case found; the Ministry of Health and other authorities are constantly monitoring this as far as it goes.

“I’m speaking to all New Zealanders today, giving you as much certainty and clarity as we can as we fight COVID-19.”


“Over the past few weeks, the world has changed. It has changed very drastically. In Feb, it would have sent unimaginable to close New Zealand’s borders to the world, and now it has been an oblivious step as we fight COVID-19.”

“We are experiencing an unprecedented event, a global pandemic, that in New Zealand, we have moved to fight by going hard and going early,” said Jacinda Ardern.

Ardern said she understands that all this change creates anxiety and uncertainty, especially when it means changing how we live and work as a country from our day to day lives.

“The first important thing to remember is the vast majority of people who will ever have COVID-19 will only experience mild to moderate symptoms. The will be some who need more care, that is why we have to focus on one simple goal to slow down the Coronavirus pandemic.”

PM Ardern likewise asked that those beyond 70 years old with traded off insusceptibility should remain at home, however much as could be expected. 

“Individuals more than 70 years old, or individuals who are immunocompromised or have certain previous conditions, need to remain at home as much as they can starting now and into the foreseeable future. 

“I’m requesting that everybody bolster our more established New Zealanders by doing things like staying in touch with them and dropping off nourishment or different supplies. 

“I am likewise requesting that organizations and work environments have their influence. Many working environments, as of now, have plans for staff to telecommute or to remove themselves in the working environment. We are presently requesting that you set up those plans. 

“Wellbeing and crisis experts, transport and conveyance staff, grocery store and nourishment creation laborers, and other essential individuals will be proceeding at their work environment at this alarming level. 

“We are likewise requesting that New Zealanders limit all unnecessary local travel. We need individuals to lessen altogether the number of cooperations they have right now, and that remembers visiting individuals for various pieces of the nation for insignificant reasons. 

“These measures are being taken in the national intrigue. We know individuals, businesses, and games will be affected; however, these are momentary interruptions for the general strength of our kin and nation. 

“I realize numerous New Zealanders are restless. The ready framework is intended to offer assurance around future activity and the capacity for individuals to design and plan for any future outcome. It would be ideal if you be solid, be caring, and join against Covid-19.”

If you’re conerned about the alert levels you can visit the

COVID-19 Government Website

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