Joe Trinder interviewed on racist Lee William’s midlife crisis – video

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Editor of Mana News and founding member of Love Aotearoa Hate Racism, Joe Trinder, was interviewed by the Founder of thisquality Sam Hudson about rising levels of racism against Māori people deeming white supremacy as a threatening trend in New Zealand.

The likes are most commonly from an immigrant of the United Kingdom, a racist and white supremacist named Lee Williams who is having a ‘midlife crisis’ due to being de-platformed after mocking the unique Māori culture, heritage and history.

It has sparked a significant negative reaction for his actions posted online on his channel Cross The Rubicon that has over 15,000 subscribers.


Individuals have seemingly gained large numbers of followers on social media platforms by spreading mistruths about Māori political figures, history and people.

Conspiracy Theorists are typically causing incitement of violence, death threats, and real-world scenarios as they continue to think the Government is after them to take away their freedoms — which is not true.

This interview dives deep into the world of the problem that has caused trouble, how it started, who’s exactly behind it, and how it can be counteracted.

Image/Video: Zoom Conference [thisquality Mediawire]  

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You need to interview Lee to try to understand the guy. I am sure he will happily talk to you. He loves New Zealand. So disappointing to see him miss represented like this.

Misrepresented?! Can’t misconstrue what he’s said and that’s from another tauiwi

Lee Williams is a great man. I know him well. Better than any of you. He is not racist,.

A “great man” doesn’t need to put anyone or any group down, a great man doesn’t say negative, disparaging things about a group he doesn’t belong to.
Actions and what we speak determine whether or not we are racist.
The dominant ethnicity doesn’t get to determine what is and isn’t racism.