Journalist Kate Green under fire for smack talking 50 year DomPost subscriber

Journalist Kate Green under fire for smack talking 50 year DomPost subscriber

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Environment and science reporter for the DomPost Kate Green faced internet backlash after making a tweet smack-talking a long-time subscriber who decided they’d no longer want to support their work.

Kate Green says she had the ‘pleasure’ to accept a phone call from a senior gentleman who had notified the DomPost that he would be cancelling his subscription, since being a subscriber for the last 50 years.

The tweet was later removed, but screenshots show what was said.

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“Had the pleasure of accepting a phone call from an older gentleman calling to tell us he was cancelling his subscription to the DomPost after 50 years.”

Source: CC/ SUPPLIED/Twitter

The man who cancelled the subscription says it was because of the ‘horrendous bullshit’ from the first five pages of a newly released paper.

“Hope the door hits you on the way out actually mate.”

The tweet surrounds questions on how a Journalist has the power to field phone calls from a subscriber — the whole workplace must have known about it for Kate Green to tweet about it. The tweet was removed after users fired internet backlash in the comments.

Stuff has had a large history of employing staff who have had no training in public relations, including posting online tweets like this one that can make reputation drop like a thermometer.

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