Judith Collins: ‘Royal Commission must lead to meaningful change’

Judith Collins: ‘Royal Commission must lead to meaningful change’

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National Leader Judith Collins has released her idea of the Royal Commission in regards to the Christchurch Terrorist attack that happened on March 15 of 2019.

51 were shot killed by a gunman, and 40 were injured at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at about 1:40 pm and Linwood’s Islamic Centre at around 1:52 pm.

The report into the Christchurch attack must be ‘treated’ with the utmost respect says Leader of the National Party Judith Collins.


“The recommendations within it must also be properly scrutinised,” Judith Collins says.

“The atrocities committed on March 15 of 2019 were the actions of an evil terrorist designed to spread fear and silence those who did not share his world view. But the actions of New Zealanders since then in denouncing him and what he stood for is proof that he failed.”

“The Opposition stands ready to work constructively with the Government to ensure sure we learn from this event and make New Zealand a safer place for all five million of us.”

Collins says the person responsible is the one serving a life sentence for the attack, without parole, but, certain systems within Government could have of performed better in the response.

National is supporting the strengthening of New Zealand’s national security and intelligence agencies — “We must tread carefully to safeguard New Zealanders’ rights and liberties,” Judith Collins says.

“We cannot end up sacrificing our liberal democracy; otherwise, we will end up with the sort of New Zealand this terrorist was trying to create. This terrorist should never have had a gun license, and we support moves by the police to improve training and firearms licence vetting.”

“But more needs to be done to get guns out of the hands of criminals, and National’s proposed Firearms Prohibition Orders are a crucial tool that we need in this fight.”

“We have shown that, as a nation, we are not prepared to give in to fear, we are not prepared to tolerate extreme hate, and we are not prepared to let anything like the wickedness that took place on March 15 ever happen in New Zealand again,” Judith Collins concluded.

Image: Judith Collins Facebook

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