Kaeo Office of Taitokerau corrects the record for Waitangi day – video

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Kaiarataki o Te Wakameninga o nga Hapu o NgaPuhi Taumata hapu, Bryce Smith, from the Kaeo Office of Taitokerau, corrects the record for Waitangi day mentioning the will of Billy Te Kahikas’ motive in regards to the Māori culture and history.

thisquality was notified of the reckonings to get the message out in video format via Skype.

In recent time, a matter has become something of concern in regards to the 1835 He Whakaputanga (Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand) document.


“[Billy Te Kahika] and the NZPP. If I can begin Whakaputanga and te Tiriti are currently in a judicial process with Ngāpuhi in regards to the Te Paparahi o Te Raki o 1040, and that’s in hand,” said Bryce Smith.

“If I can begin the relationship with [Mr Kahika], it came about when he was invited to the Kaeo office to discuss his intentions in regards to taking He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti to Parliament with his political party. He attended a hui in Kaeo, and we sent him a very clear message that he was not to do that anymore.”

“On the afternoon before that, the day had ended, [Mr Kahika] put up a live stream advocating that he had gotten the consent from the Kaeo office to represent Ngāpuhi in regards to He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti. I just want to put the record straight right here, and now, the Kaeo office did not do that [neither did Bryce Smith]. From that day on, we’ve had nothing but grief from this individual.”

Members of the NZPP and the behaviours in-spending of political party funding are not Bryce Smith’s video message’s intentions. The intention is to discuss his ‘disrespect’ of the use of He Whakaputanga in the public arena.

It took the Ngāpuhi fifteen years to sort matters out and conclude with. “Where was he [Mr Kahika] during that time. That is my question to you, Billy. Where were you, what makes it appropriate that you think know more about the document than the Ngāpuhi? What gives you the right to take this document out and advocate that it’s yours as a tool to use as for the people,” said Bryce Smith.

“You disrespected my father. You disrespected the elders that carried that document and bought it out of the dark and into the future. You disrespected the tupuna that signed that document and basically if I can say, you are a disgrace to the Māori culture. You really are because of your behaviour and your attempt to use this document as a way to fleece money of good public people for your own pocket or your own use without accountability to those people.”

Mr Kahika was reportedly not allowed at Waitangi Marae due to a hui being held at the Copthorne (across from Waitangi Marae).

Bryce Smiths’ heart goes out to the family of Mr Kahika; wife, children and his father over recent behaviour.

“If there is any advice I’d like to give you [Mr Kahika], is this: stop now, fix the wrong. Heal the hurt that you have caused to a lot of people and that’s the first step to you recovering from all the hurt and damage that you have done around Taitokerau and around the [Northland],” said Bryce Smith.

“I want to assure you of one thing; we don’t want to do what we are going to have to do to you because of your arrogance and because of your colonised behaviour to our Māori culture. Unfortunately, you’ve suddenly become a very very minor small risk to us in the [Northland] progressing forward with the upcoming day that we enjoy called the sixth of February, the Treaty of Waitangi celebrations.”

“In conclusion, you are not a threat to anybody except yourself, alright. I want to say to you, fix the wrong that you have done. Call the investor your ripped off and tell him you are sorry. Ka pai, Kia ora tatou.”



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This is just airing dirty laundry shows character really yuck how deep is the Govt in your pocket I wonder this political crap is yuck and my Tupuna would stomp this to the ground straight away this causes division but Im guessing thats what you paid by the Government for!!!

Bryce Smith I expect you have heard Billy TK’s reply and also his very very long video (nearly 2 hours) with Vinny about this.
I have tried to listen to him, but he rabbited on about past politicians, what boards and table he has sat around overseas, and Michael Stacey etc and to me never got to the point
What is the next step?

Sounds like one big threat to me//// Why so threatened by others referencing public documents. ?

Its not his to mention. He had nothing to do with the making of the document. It belongs to Nga Puhi

Yeah well whats your plans of attack I wonder how are you going to stop them from putting that **** in our tamariki make me hoha!!!!

This comment was amended by an independent Managed Conservation Platform (MCP) employee.
Reason: Bad language Time: 5:38 pm NZT on 13.02.21

why do you feel threatened in the first place?
He claimed he had a mandate from these people when he didn’t.
That’s the issue.

He has no rite to speak for us as anyone in authority unless given that right. I’m glad to hear one public response and glad that there’s no support in takiwa groups. Multiple times he has used the mention of waitangi hui as a claim to legitimacy of things and never have I seen him respond to calls to show who he is working with as rangatira. I’m so very glad that there’s a response to his calling out of te tiriti issues in settlement talks and my iwi called govt *** suckers. Cheers for speaking up

This comment was amended by a independent Managed Conservation Platform (MCP) employee.
Reason: Sexual slur Time: 10:13 am NZT on 3.02.21

Also.I bet “Jessica” is in cohoots.

What domain is He Whaka putanga supposed to be discussed in if not in public cuz?Why would one stand against one who brings it forward?Legitimate question. Why?

It is not his to do so.

who gives you the sole right to decide that I wonder?

He has been outspoken yes somebody had too, from the start of 23 March 2020 lockdown, which by the way was illegal , civil rights bill- freedom of movement was taken away from us without our consent, He spoke up and said it was wrong and I and many others knew that too, You should have brought this forward years ago , just because Billy brought it up , He is only interested in the well being of all human kind, You should look at the ******** running our Country and once again dividing the people do not be fooled by them

This comment was amended by a independent Managed Conservation Platform (MCP) employee.
Reason: Mentioning ‘Terrorism’ Time: 10:12 am NZT on 3.02.21

Stop talking kaka. Billy is a fake and a con man.

I think that fakes are the ones trying to support the Govt to continue injuring our people

Its not his kaupapa to talk about. He has NO MANDATE to represent anyone or anything in this country. The kaupapa belongs to the iwi that the signing chiefs belonged to and he has no mandate to represent those iwi. He can wait until the next election and see if he gets any mandate.

Who are you exactly to decide that mandate what a corporate term to use yuck

I agree. Such powerful words from That man

I cannot believe what I just watched. This opened my eyes up about billy thank you so much

Yes. Great come back to billy tkh and his rubbish