Kamala Harris set to resign her Senate seat prior to Inauguration Day

Kamala Harris set to resign her Senate seat prior to Inauguration Day

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Democrat Vice-President Candidate Kamala Harris is set to resign her Senate seat prior to the January 20 Inauguration.

thisquality initially reported Harris as not resigning her seat, but this is now confirmed to proceed.

She will be resigning her seat two days before herself and Candidate President Joe Biden are Inaugurated.

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Aides of the Democrat Candidate confirmed to media of the resignation. Governor Gavin Newsom was accordingly aware of her decision.

Democrat Alex Padilla will be the first Latino Senator from California for the 117th Congress to fill Kamala Harris’ Senate seat, sworn in by Newsom.

Harris reportedly will not have a farewell on the Senate floor.

The Senate will not be set to reconvene until Tuesday (local time), which is on the eve of inauguration day.

Image: SUPPLIED/Gettyimages (AP)

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