Kapiti Coast Chamber Of Commerce: ‘only above 5% can attend’

Kapiti Coast Chamber Of Commerce: ‘only above 5% can attend’

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The Kapiti Coast Chamber Of Commerce (KCCC) hosting a ‘meet the candidates’ event on September 16 at Southwards Car Museum come with a controversial discussion about the hypocrisy they follow.

Smaller party candidates were not allowed to participate even though some were asking to attend, it’s like the O2NL (Otaki to North of Leven) Expressway ‘propaganda’ talk.

In a document leaked to thisquality from an anonymous source, it states the public relations member asked that the political group Attica Project attend the meet as their candidates’ matter and are standing in the Electorate that is eligible for a debate like September 16 at Southwards Car Museum, getting a response of ‘you are nothing to us’.


A spokeswoman from the KCCC says, “Candidates from parties over the 5% threshold, or represented in Parliament, are invited to attend. The Business Debate for the Kapiti Chamber has been convened against certain stated criteria, which is followed for every General Election Debate hosted by the Chamber.”

Then was a comment stating that candidates from both the Otaki and Mana Electorates were invited to attend, which both candidates from Attica Project are both standing in the Electorates.

The Attica Project group says, “We question the integrity of a debate that does not include all options available. How is the business community meant to get an idea as to what policy is available to vote for if only the status quo is being promoted? Is this viable or fair, let alone democratic?”

Source: CC/ Facebook

The political group Attica Project says they will be further looking into the unfair advantages of parties that are over the 5% threshold are only being allowed to attend, more-so invited as stated in the image above as ‘our candidates’ — anyone below the 5% threshold wouldn’t be allowed to participate or invited to their events.

“We will be looking into this with the Election Commission; however, we’re respectfully hoping fairness and democracy prevail and that the KCCC may change their stance and invite ALL willing candidates to the event.”

Jobs are a key factor in what the Kapiti coast region needs, and this isn’t just about a highway, this is about giving a voice for all smaller party candidates and allowing them to have their say without selected people having to speak for all residents and ratepayers in the region.

There should be a variety, and that just wasn’t met when the KCCC was approached.

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