Kim Dotcom calls out NZ Government following Joe Biden’s alleged corruption

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has called out the New Zealand government following former American Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption in recent times.

Kim Dotcom says in the video he recorded that is messaged towards the New Zealand government and the authorities that ‘destroyed’ his company Megaupload, founded in 2005 after they raided his home in 2012.

“This is Kim Dotcom. Today with a message, to the New Zealand government and the authorities that destroyed Megaupload and raided my home,” said Dotcom.


His company Megaupload was initially called Data Protect Limited, but the name was changed.

The company Megaupload was successfully financial before the raid.

The United States Department of Justice seized the website and pressed charges of criminal copyright infringement, money laundering, racketeering and wire fraud against Dotcom. While Dotcom lived in New Zealand during that time, US authorities requested that New Zealand police raid his home and arrest him.

Dotcom posted bail and went through a long-running legal proceeding including going through appeals ever since; to bypass being deported to the United States.

During the year of 2013, Dotcom created Mega, further creating a political group called the Internet Party. The party contested in the 2014 General Elections for New Zealand. The party then allied with the Mana Movement and further contested for the 2017 General Election but failed to receive any seats at both elections.

On February of the year 2017, a specific New Zealand court ruled out that Dotcom and co-accused Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Carter Edwards, could be deported to the United States because of fraud charges related to the company Megaupload.

Dotcom has denied anything of wrongdoing and has blamed United States authorities for following suit of disputes campaigned against him.

“Have a look at Joe Biden today, the former vice president who personally oversaw the destruction of my business. Who installed his own lawyer in the DOJ [Department of Justice] to be a US attorney, to bring a case against me. This very same person has now evident mounting about his corruption, his paid-for played dealings,” said Dotcom.

“This is the man who brought shame on New Zealand because of all the illegal things that New Zealand has done to me in response to Joe Biden’s request. The judiciary, they spy agencies, the New Zealand police, the corrupt former national government — all in cahoots with one of the biggest criminals in politics. Joe Biden.”

“I would advise you to be very careful about how you are going to proceed now that Joe Biden is going to face serious scrutiny for all his corrupt dealings. This is a good time to reflect and observe what is happening in the United States. I am still here, and I am happy to remain here, all the best,” concluded Dotcom.

Dotcom hopes the New Zealand government stays awake and notices what is really happening in the United States after what he explained in his Twitter video — yet again, the mainstream will not talk about this.

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