Kiwi love drama ‘Older’ releases after 7 years of production

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A drama/comedy finally releases after seven years of production – the movie is about sex, love, relationships, growing up & how the attachment to the past can colour perception of the present, sometimes for the worse.

The independently made film by Kiwi filmmakers has made its international appearance on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Tubi and Vimeo.

The movie is the invention of Dunedin raised, Auckland based creatives Guy Pigden and Harley Neville.


The film has been approximately seven years in the production phase. And was initially crowdfunded on Indiegogo with funding of $7,683 NZD and was also funded by various local viewers throughout the funding campaign.

The movie was shot on location in Auckland with a local camera crew and team members.

The film is written by director and actor Guy Pigden, playing as the character man-child Alex. Aged 29 and has recently moved back in with his parents.

The movie stars actor and co-producer Harley Neville as Alex’s best friend, Henry.

Liesha Ward Knox (Dear Murderer, Hilary, Legend of the Seeker) stars as Alex’s high school friend Jenny alongside Astra McLaren (Penny Black, Go Girls, The Almighty Johnsons) as Stephanie, Alex’s off-again on-again fling.

The 29-year-old man-child meets an old high school friend at a wedding romance flowerets over their current disillusionment with development. But he’s still fascinated with someone else he fell in love with ten years beforehand.

Older is a pragmatic depiction of modern-day love, learning about sex, self-experience and awareness.

Pidgen and Neville have since been friends from high school where they have created a production company called Pigville Productions. 

The company entices feature-length, short films, web series and skits that have grown a vast online following with over 19,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The movie Older represents a unique change of pace for Pigville Productions, known for their first film ‘I Survived A Zombie Holocaust’ — a bloody horror-comedy established around a Zombie outbreak.

“We set out to create a love story that feels like real life and has a level of authenticity that Hollywood can’t replicate,” says Pidgen.

After finishing the whole movie production, it was censored by Amazon, initially rejecting it.


“We had many setbacks and re-shoots,” said Neville.

“So now we have two versions. The directors cut which is only available in NZ and the version available everywhere else. Then just before the week of our cinema premiere, the entire city went back into lockdown, and we had to postpone the screening. It’s as if the film gods were mocking us,” Harley explains.

The movie can now be purchased on Vimeo and GooglePlay and is open to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.

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