Kiwi man punches Possum in face ‘act of animal cruelty’ – video

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A video posted to TikTok showing a New Zealand man from central South Island punching a possum was viewed over 78,000 times before it was taken down.

It has sparked an outrage online after the video was posted by @gvc_steve on the app showing a possum sitting calmly on a fence before being punched.

A woman filming the video can be heard saying, “Hey dick, what are you doing there?”


“Shall I smack him?” a man responds — the woman replies to the man with, “smack him.”

A closed fist ultimately aims for the possum, further hitting it hard in the face, which caused it to fly off the fence backwards. The punch could audibly be heard.

The two individuals can then be heard laughing before the video stops.

Direct Animal Action spokesperson Deirdre Sims says it was deplorable and an act of animal cruelty.

“While possums are considered “pests” in New Zealand, what is shown in this TikTok video is blatant animal cruelty, and this is not acceptable behaviour,” said Ms Sims.

“The fact that it is being glorified on social media makes it even more despicable. People need to know that animal abuse should not be used as a tool to get more views, likes and shares on social media.”

The video was reported to the New Zealand SPCA by DAA. They called for it not to be taken lightly and to take serious action on it.

Image/Video: SUPPLIED

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