Known Arizona Protestor joined stampede of U.S. Capitol

Known Arizona Protestor joined stampede of U.S. Capitol

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A well-known Arizona Protester, as the media call him as part of QAnon for waving signs in the past reading “Q” has also associated himself with Antifa and BLM protests in the past but deems himself as a Trump supporter.

He was among the protesters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, supporting Donald J. Trump in fighting fair elections and alleged voter fraud.

The man wearing his fur, horned hat and painted face is named Jake Angeli. 

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Angeli was seen in many pictures taken from Washington, D.C., within the protestors group after they stormed the building to delay certification of the presidential election results against Candidate Joe Biden.

Since April of 2019, the man has fought against far-left ideologies, one being the Arizona State Capitol where he shouted slurs of what he believed in.

Angeli wears the type of fur, horns, becoming shirtless under the appearance to attract the attention of media in becoming the icon of the show.


This photo of Angeli was taken on the same day he protested with Trump supporters outside of the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office when votes were being counted in Phoenix on November 5 of 2020.

He spoke to the crowd during the rally where he held signs reading “Q sent me”– also he asked them if he knew what Q stands for.

Besides anti-Government corruption, he believes leaders have tried to keep ‘scientific discoveries’ from the public to maintain the system as it is.

Image: SUPPLIED/Gettyimages

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