Labour Candidate Terisa Ngobi talks Healthcare and Jobs

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A question from the audience at Waikanae Grey Power was asked, about healthcare and jobs, Labour Candidate for Otaki Terisa Ngobi answers the question including a little pun.

Terisa agrees that there needs to be healthcare services closer to home instead of having to travel out of town to go to a hospital or a GP.

“We shouldn’t have to be travelling out of town and as one of the longest locals here I’ve experienced what that looks like,” she said.

After talking a little bit about the experience, Terisa also brings up another experience while being in Labour.

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“I’ve been in the throws of labour, pregnancy labour, *audience laughs* – I travelled out of town to have my baby and also taken my grandparents out of town to go to appointments, that has got to be done closer to us,” said Terisa.

Horowhenua has ‘got the bricks’ to build a new facility according to Terisa, in hopes that potentially she and Labour can do something about it and push for it.

“We’ve got to host those better [implying new places to make it better for locals,” said Terisa.

Labour is also looking at the costs and regulation for the Capital Connection line that will allow passengers to travel further north from Wellington on a passenger train making it easier for locals to use public transport as a demand.

“Jobs would help with the health, jobs would help with a boost in our economy and making this a place that people want to come too. It will attract those GP’s that we need, it will help our local people get into the shovel ready projects that we’ve already got,” said Terisa.

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