Labour offers two ministerial portfolios to Greens, will they take it?

Labour offers two ministerial portfolios to Greens, will they take it?

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PM Jacinda Ardern has offered two ministerial portfolios to the Greens during an announcement made at the Beehive Theatre which resulted in ‘cooperation agreement’ with Labour.

The Green Party, on the other hand, is voting on whether to accept the proposed deal with Labour. It is now in the ‘hands’ for Green members as to decide on whether or not all will support the cooperation agreement and that outcome will be confirmed later this evening.

Hon James Shaw will be appointed to the position of Minister of Climate Change and be an Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity). At the same time, Marama Davidson would be the Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence and be an associate Minister of Housing with a focus on homelessness.


The result of the cooperation proposal would be achieving the goals of the Zero Carbon Act for New Zealand.

About the Zero Carbon Act, public transport and the public sector will be improving the upgrading of implementing zero-emission vehicles rather than continue down the old track of petrol vehicles.

Renewable energy and clean standards will play a big role in the deal if accepted by the Greens.

“I think that this agreement strikes the right balance of the parties working on issues where there is an agreement allowing space for disagreement and independence delivering this continuity and predictability in key policy areas especially climate policy,” said PM Jacinda Ardern.

Around 150 Green Party members have been presented the deal on a zoom call, which started at around 4 pm today.

75 per cent of the members in the zoom call have to support the proposed deal for it to be confirmed or approved.

The proposed co-operation agreement will be reflecting another evolution in New Zealand’s system of MMP.

“Never before has one party won a majority under MMP, but that’s not to say that the principals of MMP should be ignored. Furthermore, it is also simply not how I do politics.”

PM Jacinda Ardern said she would not have invested time and energy into this agreement unless she believed it was in the best investments of the New Zealand government and also for New Zealanders.

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