Lake Horrorwhenua ORIGINALS trailer reaches 1,500+ views in one day

Lake Horrorwhenua ORIGINALS trailer reaches 1,500+ views in one day

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In one day, an upcoming trailer of a thisquality ORIGINALS exclusive episode reached 1,500+ views in one day on Facebook.

The video was shared to a local group Livin in Levin where it amassed most of the viewers, who were interested in what it could potentially unfold from indicated comments below the post.

The episode features the most toxic lake in New Zealand, Lake Horowhenua, revealing the truth behind the run-down by dirty politics that has repeated for far too long.


Featuring ATTICA members, a political group who aims for change in local communities is supporting the backstory to the lake and history behind it — connecting thisquality to individuals who have had a first-hand experience living near the lake and trying to make a change for good.

During 1952 – 1987 treated water sewage from Levin was dumped into the lake which has had a massive and dangerous effect to the water quality. For the remainder of 2020 and up to 2028, the lake water quality is allowed to be maintained below some political bottom lines for water — a mess.

The water quality rankings sit at 107 out of 116, but there’s been no motive to improve the lake-water rankings in quality. The lake has been swamped with locals who have had a controversy about the person responsible for the so-called ‘clean up’ that has never happened.

The lake is so toxic that it could easily kill a small child.

The blame-games continue, and it must be put to a stop so change can be made quickly instead of wasting tax-payers money.

Image: CC/ Sam Hudson

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