Large Ship reported on fire at Napier Port, explosions heard

Large Ship reported on fire at Napier Port, explosions heard

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Emergency services responded to a large ship reported on fire at Napier Port at around 11:30 am.

Fire and Emergency crew and ship engineers were on board fighting the fire.

NZHerald reported that the smoke fumes were potentially toxic, and explosions were reportedly heard from witnesses on the Bluff Hill lookout.

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Source: CC/ Fire and Emergency NZ

Other fire crew members were cooling the side of the ship outside with water from fire truck units.

Fire and Emergency NZ said in a statement, that reads: “People are asked to continue to please stay away from the area as we fight the fire.”

Police evacuated nearby pedestrians that were observing the scene as a precaution.

Nearby resident properties of the port were advised to keep windows and doors closed, and stay inside due to the smoke caused by the large fire.

The ship, Kota Bahinga, docked at Napie Port during the early hours of the morning on Thursday.

Images: Fire and Emergency NZ w/ permissions

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