Largest Auckland Employers raise minimum wage to $20.75 per hour

Largest Auckland Employers raise minimum wage to $20.75 per hour

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The largest Auckland Employer, the Trusts, is set to move its workforce to a living wage suitable to benefit over 305 staff.

The staff range across a number of organisations, that-of; retail stores, hospitality venues and hotels.

During April of 2021, the pay raise will go to $20.75 per hour, 75 cents above the current new minimum wage range.

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All employees that earn above the minimum wage will receive an increase of $1.35 per hour.

The President of the Waitakere Licensing Trust, Linda Cooper, is hopeful that the move will create a new standard for New Zealand’s hospitality industry.

“We want the Trusts to continue to be a great place to work, and we believe the decision to move to a living wage further strengthens our commitment to our team and to the West Auckland community we serve,” she says.

Trusts CEO Allan Pollard is giving a focus on lifting performance in the coming months and years.

“Our focus is on becoming a high performing business that delivers value and support back to West Auckland. To do that, we are working hard to better manage our costs and lift our sales and service performance, so we continue to deliver important initiatives like this for the community and our people,” he says.


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