Law firm gender study reveals ‘steady’ improvement

Law firm gender study reveals ‘steady’ improvement

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LawFuel does an annual study that shows how firms are adopting strategies involving mentoring, paying audits, leadership and other courses or specific programmes.

The ratio of women partners in New Zealand’s largest known law firms continues to grow. As the first setup up, their leadership is encouraging the advancement of women lawyers in the industry.

A survey that was undertaken by LawFuel shows that the lawn firm named Dentons has a 41% ratio of women partners.

Equity partners were only being measured in the survey, of those that are entitled to full equity participation in partnership profits compared to others that are salaried partners.

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Duncan Cotterill with a lower ratio of 20% female equity partners is among the largest of the country’s law firms, Chapman Tripp previously lifted its female partnership number from 22% to 30%.

Anthony Harper, which is based in Christchurch, has 30 partners of whom only seven are actually women. However, they did not indicate the equity partnership status.

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