Leaked thisquality ORIGINALS Documentary from CEO Sam Hudson gains interest

Leaked thisquality ORIGINALS Documentary from CEO Sam Hudson gains interest

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An unnamed ‘historical’ ORIGINALS documentary exclusive to thisquality has been leaked by CEO Sam Hudson today, featuring a good friend of his; Mike ILES, and a mystery scenario of ideas set to be featured in what appears to be the near future.

There’s no release date been set as thisquality understands, it’s been a big secret according to CEO Sam Hudson.

Source: CC/ Facebook/SUPPLIED

This image shows Mt. Taranaki from the east side. CEO Sam Hudson wrote: “In Hawera, going to be filming a documentary that could break history.

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It could be about shielding the preservation of New Zealand’s once-past legacy that was ultimately withdrawn due to economic gains that eventually led to a downfall of what is known in the present by awake individuals, but there’s very little information on what to expect from the leaked images posted by CEO Sam Hudson.

On the CEOs’ personal social media page, there have been posts posted indicating that the ORIGINALS documentary is a ‘road trip’ or rather a travel themed documentary that appears to be going to an undisclosed location.

However, that’s what is expected or predicted to happen due to the lack of information in the leaks.

“I want to make this a special ORIGINALS documentary for all our special readers that check us out every day. I want to thank them for donating and supporting thisquality to keep it running every day and to make this job a dream come true. Local voices and communities matter and that is what we are focusing on at thisquality,” CEO Sam Hudson said.

Source: CC/ Facebook/SUPPLIED

Speculations from the images seem to be an ‘uncover’ of something or rather a conference of what a tattler has to say at a rather odd building, shaped like a dome in the middle of nowhere.

The text reads: “🎵Your medicine won’t win this war. 🎵” which most likely means something, but it can not be determined what it actually is trying to message.

There are two people in the image featuring the dome-shaped building; however, the team at thisquality have not been able to determine what their names are or who they are.

The location data on the image says the image was taken at Stratford, a town in Taranaki — and reads: “It will all Be Prevailed soon” which is a potential idea of where this could be going.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Mike ILES (Left), Sam Hudson (Right).

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“Our ORIGINALS series episodes get a lot of attention so myself and Mike ILES are going to give a little more attention to this mainly because decades of game-changing information will be all prevailed, eventually, and when we are ready to announce further details about what this really is; we will,” said CEO Sam Hudson.

this is a developing story, and you can expect to see updates as thisquality receives more information.

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