Leighton Baker on the topic of 1080

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Leighton Baker, Leader of New Conservative Party, was asked questions about the topic of 1080 poison.

One question involved was asking Leighton about the effects 1080 poison pellets have on bio-diverse life at a multitude of drop zones around New Zealand. However, Leighton never accurately answered that question, he did express his Political party’s stance on why they would like 1080 poison to be eradicated by having a plan B & coming up with a new solution.

“1080, okay. Again, we are saying we need to phase out 1080 if we can. I say if we can, so well, that’s doublespeak; actually, we can’t just stop the use of it instantly tomorrow with no substitute and with no plan B.”


Leighton explains how people are going to cope with what’s happening in the forest, with possums, stoats, weasels, mice, and rats.

“What are you going to do? So we need to have a plan. We are saying that we actively need to encourage trapping and lures so that we can get away from 1080 and use the skins, pelts, and the meat from the animals; that would be a much better use.”

Trapping and luring these so-called pests would encourage a new employment market in New Zealand for hunting enthusiasts or less fortunate families that depend on extra cash flow. Leighton suggests there could be a trade course that encourages young ones to get out in the bush and do it the kiwi way.

“We believe we can have a whole income here in New Zealand, I know it has been done a little bit, I have been speaking to some people on both sides of the fence (pro and anti-1080) – it has been done a little bit but we need to really widen that out and see just how much land we can control the pests on without using 1080. The more we do, the less 1080 we use.”

“We’re talking phasing it out, we’re not talking about banning it tomorrow,” says Leighton Baker.

Protests happen every year around the country attempting to “stop the drop” and “ban 1080” — but with no results, the Government stays silent on the people’s requests.

“If you hate 1080, come up with an alternative, find another plan… don’t go and say you’ve got to ban this. What’s your replacement, so we’re saying what’s your replacement. That is what we are working towards.”

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