Levin house fire leaves a loving family ‘feeling lost’

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A fire that took a house in Kinross St in Levin on Friday afternoon burst out a large plume of smoke over the surrounding neighbourhood.

The fire started at around 3:15 pm, and the emergency crews arrived shortly after.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson


“We received a call at around about quarter past three this afternoon. The communication centre in Wellington was taking in multiple calls to the address of the fire, we turned up, and no one else was involved while we arrived. There were no occupants in the house, everybody was out at the time,” said an NZ Fire spokesman at the scene.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

The exact cause of the fire is undetermined at this time and will be under investigation by Police overnight.

The family, who live in the house, were not home at the time of the fire.

No one was injured from the fire.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Friends of the family that live close by alerted them of the fire by phone call, after seeing the smoke.

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