Likely chance Greens will not make up 75% under Labour Cooperation Agreement

Likely chance Greens will not make up 75% under Labour Cooperation Agreement


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OPINION: There’s a likely discreet chance that the Greens will not make up 75 per cent under the newly announced Cooperation Agreement by the Labour-led government and here is why.

150 Green Party members have been in a zoom call since 4 pm today, and the party needs at least 75 per cent of the members in the call to support the proposed deal for it to be confirmed or approved.

Hon James Shaw will be appointed to the position of Minister of Climate Change and be an Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity). At the same time, Marama Davidson would be the Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence and be an associate Minister of Housing with a focus on homelessness.

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If at the likely chance that the Greens do not make up for the 75 per cent threshold to get confirmed or approved, say goodbye to their seats offered by the Labour-led government.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the cooperation agreement respected her party’s power to govern alone but will work with the Green Party on issues the two parties agreed on.

There are little details in the policy from the proposed cooperation agreement, other than a broad agreement to work together on the issues of child poverty, climate change, and the environment.

As far as the Greens are wishing, they do offer to work with the environment, but in recent times and since 1957 they’ve supported the environment in a completely wrong way — there’s a need to have jobs made. No policy by the Greens states jobs will be created in the environment in terms of spending millions on wasted taxpayers dollars using helicopters to drop a pesticide pellet called 1080 poison.

The money spent could be used to get people off the benefit and get to work. It’s doing more harm than good for the environment and also for locals wanting to trap and hunt if there really is such an issue in the bush following the hard propaganda that predator-free 2050 is a ‘solution’ for New Zealand.

Renewable energy and clean standards will be of interest if the deal is accepted by the Greens meaning the standards to improve and focus on the zero-carbon act that the Labour-led government is asking to focus on could be an ultimate deal breaker as it just isn’t a large focus by the Greens, except of course electric trains! TRAINS! TRAINS!

In terms of child poverty, the Greens may have a slight chance but everything offered is limited in terms of a ‘good deal’ and in hopes the Greens may not get 75 per cent. 

The co-leaders would be ministers outside of Cabinet, bound only by collective responsibility concerning their portfolios.

MP Eugenie Sage will not continue as minister for the environment also if the 75 per cent does not meet ends.

Many New Zealanders voted strategically to get the greens as far away from government as possible, Labour will still be governing on their own but without the Greens having a say in any further actions. Labour offered the Cooperation Agreement for their knowledge but not to govern the country.

Image: Jame Shaw/Gettyimages

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