Magic Talk Radio: CEO Sam Hudson reveals ‘suppressed’ information about 1080

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thisquality CEO Sam Hudson revealed ‘suppressed’ information about 1080 poison pellets, claiming that they do not degrade at a faster rate below 21 degrees.

CEO Sam Hudson had the chance thanks to Magic Talk Radio to speak about what has been developing since early December of 2020.

According to NIWA, New Zealand Rivers are mostly nowhere near the 21 degrees mark to encourage biodegradation of 1080 poison pellets, as heat is required to make something degrade faster where colder temperatures have little to no effect and take longer than normal.


The Department of Conservation tells its citizens to wait at least six months before hunting or entering a 1080 drop zone. They also only do drops on sunny weather timelines, which means colder days are ‘not good’ days for doing a drop.

In leaked documents supplied to thisquality from an ex Government employee who is now classed as a protected whistleblower, he obtained the real documents within 30 years of studying, collecting and questioning the Conservation Estate’s legitimacy after working for them in the top position of making the illegitimate studies.


The real documented studies overseas before they were given to New Zealand Government agencies like the Department of Conservation showed real data. When it reached New Zealand shores, the idea of ‘legitimate’ datasheets changed drastically.

The agencies doctored the studies given to show degradation was quick to act; however, overseas documentation tells a different story.

It raises concern over why it was banned everywhere else and that the only excuse to use it in New Zealand is because of the ‘hard to reach’ areas.

If a 1080 pellet was to land by chance in a watershed, which is hard to reach areas that require aerial drops from helicopters. An animal could drink out of it and the water would stay at a toxic level for a longer duration unless the water is warmer than 21 degrees.

The nature of watersheds is that it is stagnant water and not flowing water like a River consists of. There needs to be more transparency over Government campaigns facing the legitimacy of documents that were not fit for New Zealand waterway temperatures.

Source: CC/ Facebook/SUPPLIED

Posts posted on the CEOs’ personal social media page indicate that the ORIGINALS documentary is a ‘road trip’ or a travel-themed documentary that appears to be going to an undisclosed location.

“Our ORIGINALS series episodes get a lot of attention so myself and Mike ILES are going to give a little more attention to this mainly because decades of game-changing information will be all prevailed, eventually, and when we are ready to announce further details about what this really is; we will,” said CEO Sam Hudson.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson


thisquality teased an exclusive ORIGINALS documentary in the making that CEO Sam Hudson was hyping up for 2021 when the investigation started.

An unnamed ‘historical’ ORIGINALS documentary exclusive to thisquality features Mike ILES and a mystery scenario of ideas set to be featured in what appears to be the near future.

There’s no release date been set as thisquality understands, it’s been a big secret according to CEO Sam Hudson until now.


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Re the requirement of proof of deaths it may interest people to know of the following revelations by a retired NZ Medical Doctor … “The Catch 22 of 1080 poisoning in NZ – an MD says there is ‘no evidence’ of it because it is not allowed to be looked for”

It is not DOC that “disallows” entry or hunting on 1080’d land it is a guideline issued by MPI which gives lands that have been aerially dropped with 1080 a “poison status” for a certain length of time, and provides a table of how many months people (recreational and commercial hunters) should wait before harvesting animals from any aerially dropped area. In my experience DOC couldn’t care less if there were baits hanging off trampers packs as they have this fundamentalist and unscientific belief that the poison is “safe.”